Created by Michael Buro. Logistello is one of the strongest Othello programs. In August 1997, it defeated the human world champion, Takeshi Murakami, by 6-0. In January 1998, Logistello retired from active tournament play.

The source code of Logistello is available now, but not including the opening book, the pattern or Multi-ProbCut tables. Logistello's book of self-played games can be downloaded for studying openings or training evaluation parameters.

Downloads: Source Code, GUI Source Code, Book


Created by Gunnar Andersson & Lars Ivansson. It's a Windows version of Zebra, the Othello engine WZebra uses when playing.

The techniques WZebra uses are largely familiar from other programs, but it has more features and functions. It can play Othello games, a practice session mode, replay games, analyze games, self-learning, and evan loads the WThor database for your training.

WZebra is freeware. Zebra source code is also available.

Downloads: WZebra 4.2.4, Large Book(Unpack to the directory where WZebra is installed, then run the batch file install.bat), Extra Large Book(Unpack to the WZebra directory, and run uncompress.bat), Zebra Source Code


Created by Gunnar Andersson. LZebra is a Linux verson of Zebra.

Download: LZebra 3.3


Created by Pavel Radzivilovsky. CEZebra is a Windows CE version of Zebra for Pocket PC. Using Gunnar Andersson's Zebra Othello engine, it is the strongest Othello program for the Pocket PC today.

Currently supported platforms are Pocket PC running Windows CE 3.0 (or higher) with ARM, MIPS or SH3 CPU.

Downloads: CEZebra 1.0, Book

DroidZebra - strong othello program for Android

Created by Alex Kompel. DroidZebra is a front-end for well-know Zebra Othello Engine written by Gunnar Andersson. It is one the world's strongest othello-playing programs - now on Android. Search for DroidZebra on Android market.

The game requires Android 1.6 or above and approximately 10MB of external or internal storage for opening book and position info. There may be a long delay when running the application for the first time as it unpacks and caches the opening book.

Downloads: DroidZebra 1.5.3


Edax is a regularly updated Computer Othello program written by Richard Delorme in 1998. The main algorithms applied by the program are bitboard move generator, negascout tree search, multi-probcut selective search, parallel search using the Young Brother Wait concept, and pattern based evaluation function. Edax's source code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

DownloadEdax 4.3.2

S.a.i.o(System Artificial Intelligence Othello)

Created by Romano Benedetto. Saio is one of the strongest and fastest Othello programs.

The Demo Version is available, which is limitated at depth 16 in middlegame and 26 empty endgame solver.

Download: Saio Demo


Created by Martin Piott & Louis Geoffroy. Hannibal is certainly the strongest active program, since Logistello retired.

Hannibal is a neutral neural nets Othello program, with self-learning. All of the learning of Hannibal is based on self-play game with a neural nets of 3 level. The are 7 millions equivalent neuron in the neural net use. The Database of positions to learn is 200 million positions self generated.


Created by Chris Welty. Nboard is the GUI version of Ntest. The source code is also available.

Downloads: NBoard, Book, Source Code


Created by Kostas Tournavitis. Herakles uses a new technique, Mouse, to tune the parameters of its pattern.

Herakles can play not only standard 8x8 Othello, but also 10x10 and octagon Othello.

Herakles is freeware.

Download: Herakles 2.0

Shangxin Othello

Created by Sxhbq. Shangxin Othello is a famous Othello program in China.

Shangxin Othello is shareware.

Download: Shangxin Othello 3.1

Craft Othello

Created by Patrick. Craft is an Othello program with relatively high artificial intelligence. It uses techniques including pattern-based evaluation model, bit-board representation, Multi-Prob Cut, NegaScout, iterative-widening End-Cut and self-learning opening book. Craft can look forward 16~20 steps in mid-game, and up to 24 steps perfect endgame.

Download: Craft Othello 1.4.1


Created by Luc Riviere. Icare is a program useful for practicing endgames.

Download: Icare

Happy End III

Created by Beppi Menozzi. Happy End is a program useful for practicing endgames. Happy End III includes Gunnar Andersson's Zebra endgame engine, making it many times faster than the previous version.

Download: Happy End III, Happy End IV Beta